Monday, October 18, 2010

When the collar calls

I had to go round to my parent's house this morning to meet a delivery man. At first the guy presumed I was a Roman Catholic priest (I get that a lot – don't we all!). When he found out I was Anglican, a conversation began. It turned out that he was from a mixed background – one parent RC, the other Anglican. He had been brought up RC, but of late had been thinking of making a move to the other side of his heritage. He didn't have any hostility towards the RCC – in fact he was quite sympathetic towards the problems the RCC is now facing. It just wan't the right place for him anymore. He thought that what Anglicanism had to offer was more 'him', that it might be more of a natural home for him. However, he thought that he wouldn't be welcome – that there was some church rules on the Anglican side that would prevent him from making such a move. I let him know he was wrong on that score, that he would be more than welcome, that all he had to do was start attending his local church.

He went off with a smile on his face. 'Maybe I'll see you in church,' was his parting shot. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. But I know there would be no 'maybe' about it at all if I hadn't been wearing my clerical collar today.

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