Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jesus stood among them

today's reading for Holy Communion from the RCL is Luke 24.36b-48


           ~city thronged
            with bird song

I have heard it argued that Jesus' resurrection was some kind of a spiritual event. A book I was reading only last night said that what the disciples experienced was some kind of faith encounter when they came to understand that the Messiah must suffer and die ... but they never actually came face to face with a risen Christ.

That flies in the face of what we are told in the Gospels. Today's reading tells us of a Jesus who they could see and touch, who wanted them to accept that he was physically there so much that he ate with  them. With all due respect to the scholars who argue for some kind of spiritual resurrection, their position is counter to the evidence we have from scripture. Those who have have seen and told us are clear that Jesus' rising from the dead was physical - they saw the man, they heard him, they touched him, he stood among them, he ate with them. This is what they witnessed to. This is what they believed. This is what they passed on to us. We either believe that or nothing at all.

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