Friday, April 29, 2011

Vocation renewed

today's Gospel reading for Holy Communion from the RCL is John 21.1-14

    spring morning
      ~cat stares at door
       willing it open


Back home in Galilee, the boys decided to go fishing. This wasn't your 'throw a line in the water while having a quiet think' kind of fishing; it was the seven of them and they were out all night with boats and nets. They had gone back to work. They were thinking about going back to the old life. It's hard to blame them. Whatever they had thought they were signing up for when they first began to follow Jesus, this wasn't it.

But Jesus calls them again, just as he did the first time when he told them they would be fishers of men. And that seems reasonable; a new ministry requires a new call. They had first been called to travel Israel, spreading the teaching of their Rabbi; now they were being called to tell the world the Good News of the Risen Lord.

We all have different callings at different times in our life. It is a mistake to believe what you are called to in your youth will be the same at all stages of your life. It is an even bigger mistake not to listen for what that call might be. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that when when one calling is winding down that God's calling on your life is coming to an end, or to see it as some kind of crisis of faith. His call never ends. The time when one calling is ending is not the time to despair but rejoice ... and pray that you will hear clearly what it is that you are called to now.

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