Friday, May 6, 2011

please comment!

I'm off to Glenstal Abbey for the next couple of days on a retreat run by Affirming Catholicism Ireland (the Irish branch of Affirming Catholicism). It's my first time away with this group so I'm not sure what to expect. It's also my first time in Glenstal, which everyone says is brilliant so I'm really looking forward to my visit.

While I'm away, I wonder if I could ask a favour of you? The number of hits I get on this blog are somewhat erratic. One day I may get only a handful; the next a few dozen. I'm ok with the latter - after all, I haven't been blogging all that long. But the former can be a bit disheartening. Perhaps you could leave a comment about what you like about this blog and why you visit? It would give a better idea about what I might do in relation to future posts. I regard this blog as being part of my ministry and a post with few hits takes as much time to prepare as one with a good number and it's a little hard to justify the time unless I can figure out how to get reasonably consistant numbers going. So please leave some feedback while you are 'visiting.'

The Gospel reading for today from the RCL is John 6.1-15 and for tomorrow (Saturday 7 May) is John 6.16-21.

   lush spring growth
     among nettles


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  2. Hi ya ... u are in my google reader, so I don't necessarily come on to the page but read the rss feed! ... My experience with blogging means that I don't look at any stats what so ever! but keep blogging! Somebody might read something useful somewhere in the world!

    Keep 'er Lit Fr Levi!


  3. Father, I did not know you were from Ireland. I'll add you to my blogroll. There is a woeful dearth of Irish Christian blogs out there (from all denominations); the English are so far ahead of us.

    Have a prayerful and grace-filled retreat.


  4. I enjoy reading your blog Fr Levi! I am not Anglican nor have any intentions becoming one but I think your posts provide wonderful insights about the Gospel and your parish and pastoral experience. I think it is the sense of empathy and humanity that comes across in your posts that makes them an excellent Christian witness and a valuable part of your ministry.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Robert - just shows how 'un-techie' I am. I had no idea that someone could read my blog the way that you're talking about. You're right to say that it's enough that someone somewhere someday might read something useful!

    Shane - thank you for your kinds words; I've dropped into your blog on occassion and enjoyed it, & seen you on the blogroll of many of the blogs that I look at & your blog seems to be very hightly regarded, so it's very good of you to say you'll put me on your blogroll.

    JT - don't worry about not becoming an Anglican ... I have no intention of proselytising! What you have to say is very encouraging. Thank you.

    And curiously, the stats for this post were amonng the highest I've had. I'll post some stuff about my time in Glenstal during the week. Fabulous place - our time was all too brief.

    Blessings to you all.