Thursday, May 19, 2011

Royalty, religion, & irrelevance

today's Gospel reading from the RCL is John 13.16-20

There is always an element, it seems, that declares that royalty and religion is irrelevant. And then what happens? The Pope visits the UK and people throng the streets. The royal wedding is the most watched television event on the planet. The Queen visits Ireland and it is declared a historic and healing occasion. What's next? Well on UTV last night one commentator suggested the next logical step was for the Pope to visit Ireland ... and not just South, but North too. Royalty and religion irrelevant? Somehow I don't think so.


  1. Shar Lewis (couldn't post, but contacted me on facebook & I'm doing it for her - let no one ever say I'm afraid of voices that don't agree with me!)

    In synopsis: I suggested that the cult of Celebrity could easily account for the popularity of Queen, Royal marriage etc. and that the crowds we saw here were only marginally larger than those attending the London Marathon (some people wil...l attend the opening of a paper bag). Also Il Papa visiting N. Ireland would be like pouring several ship tankers of gasoline over a smouldering flame Peace is so new and fragile that it would, I fear, not be seen as a Good Thing :-). Relevant? sorry to say it but neither are to my day to day life. Heigh ho - we'll have to agree to disagree as usual my friend !! x

  2. Hi Shar,
    The cult of personality is powerful, but try to think of a movie-star or other celebrity who could draw the kind of crowds/viewing figures that these people do ... there's more to it than mere personal fame ...

    As to the Pope visiting NI ... well, a lot thought the Queen visiting the Republic was a dicey move & it's worked out well (so far anyway!). There would be a number in NI who would protest the Holy Father's presence, but I think that the majoirty would be gracious hosts and that the occassion would be one of healing and growth for their community.