Monday, June 27, 2011

following Jesus

today's Gospel

When I was at Taize last week it struck me what an easy place it was to lead the Christian life. Thousands of people, living in community together, worshipping together. Perhaps that's what the scribe in today's Gospel reading experienced, a wonderful feeling of fellowship and common vision and purpose. He liked it and wanted it to continue. So he enthusiastically told Jesus that he would follow him anywhere. But instead of encuraging him, Jesus tells him that it is a hard life to be one of his followers. Becuase we don't get to spend all our time by the lake in the presence of the Lord ... just as we don't get to spend all our time in places like Taize. These are temporary places of rest to energise us for the hard work of going out into the world ... of living the Christian life in places where there is much to distract us ... of trying to make the message of Christ real to others in the way we live our lives. It would be lovely if we could spend all our time in places like Taize. But ironically, for most of us, that would not be what it means to follow Jesus where ever he goes.


  1. It's why pastors are like the support workers who help the real Christian workers get on with the struggle of living and speaking for Christ in their workplaces and families. Sunday should equip them and help them for the next week to keep on going!

  2. I haven't been to Taize but I am sure that living in community isn't always idyllic. Like all "families" we get our "corners" rounded when we work through what being human is about. Indeed the highs and lows are all transformational moments where God is always present!

  3. Hi Gary - I know what you mean about Sunday ... now if only we could get more people to show up!

    Rob - I'm sure the Taize experience is different for the bothers who are there full time than it is for those who dip in for a week or so. As for living in community not always being easy ... well I'm sure we can both think of moments from our time in CITC to know the truth of that!

  4. Rob - that should have been 'brothers' not 'bothers' ... something of a Freudian slip. perhaps!