Thursday, June 30, 2011

little miracles

Today's Gospel reading

Do miracles still occur? I've seen people who's doctors & families were sure were dying ... they were sure themselves ... and then, after praying & without further medical intervention, they rally and go on for weeks or months more. Is that a miracle? Ultimately the person dies. But so too the people that Jesus healed died. Miracles aren't about living forever, that much seems certain. But what are they about? In today's Gospel   they are about proof, showing who Jesus really is. So what are the 'little miracles' that I have seen about? Are they God's way of reaching into a situation to give a person the time they need to come to terms with their dying? Or to give their family time? Is it to witness to those around the dying person the power of prayer & help strengthen their faith? Why do some get this 'little miracle' while others don't - or at least seem not to. These are all huge questions. One could proably write a book trying to answer evenone of them. No doubt many have. But at the end I think that all we have is to accept that this is part of the mystery of life and faith. And remember that the Jesus who proved who he was by the miracles also proved by them that the promises he made to his disciples, and to us, are something that we can believe.

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