Friday, July 29, 2011

Church costs

Wow. Patsy McGarry believes the Vatican & the Catholic Church are to blame  for the high costs of the investigations incurred by the state in the various reports into clerical abuse. Public opinion is cheering him on. I wonder what he thinks were the cause of the high costs of other public inquiries in this country, such as the Beef Tribunal, Moriarty, Mahon, or Travers? Between these it cost us over a billion and nary a cleric in sight. Is it just possible that the costs are due to the system the state set up to investigate, particularly the open ended method of paying lawyers fees for these inquiries? Or should I wait with bated breath for the revelation that it was baleful religious forces that led to corruption in high places in Ireland & all the other failings of the nation & that therefore the Church was ultimately responsible for the costs of all other investigations also? Perhaps we need a tribunal to inquire into the matter.

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