Monday, July 18, 2011

East Africa

As I understand Christianity, we are called to a transformed life. A life where our direct experience of Christ is the lens through which we look at the world ... a life that must be dedicated to making real the kingdom of God.

And O do we fail at that. You would have to have been living in a cave for the last while not to realise how badly we fail at it. Maybe it's not the succeeding but the trying that's important. But there are some things that we absolutely need to try harder at.

Take world hunger. Take what's going on in East Africa right now. A quarter of a century after Live Aid and this is where we are. Most of the children in that region will go to bed hungry tonight. Two out of five of the littlest ones are suffering from malnutrition. The food shortages are going to get worse. A humanitarian disaster is in the offing.

What are we doing to stop it? Is the amount we are doing the behaviour of those whose life has been transformed by our experience of Christ? Or are we just like the 'evil & adulterous generation' in today's Gospel, who will be 'condemned at the end of the age.' We can't fix every problem in the world. We can't stop every disaster from happening. But surely we can feed hungry children?

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