Sunday, July 31, 2011

feed the world

If you've ever had to feed a lot of people at short notice, then you'll idea how the disciples must have felt when Jesus told them to feed 5000 with no warning! The Eucharistic overtones of the story, where Jesus took blessed the bread & broke it, remind us of God's concern that his children are spiritually fed. But Jesus' concern that the people be fed physically reminds us also that God wishes that none of his children go hungry either. We live at a time in history when for the first time not only is there is enough food to feed everyone, but we have the technology to get that food to every mouth. No one in our world should have to go hungry. But they do. So many things still get in the way - war, politics, weather, our own 'compassion fatigue.' But we have to persevere. The Eucharistic echoes in the feeding of the 5000 remind us also of Jesus words at the Last Supper - do this in memory of me. We are not just called to feed our brothers & sisters spiritually, but physically as well. However hard & frustrating it is at times, we must persevere. Jesus told his disciples not to send the crowds away, that they had to give them something to eat. We must do the same with all who hunger in the world today.

(core message of sermon preached today, the 6th Sunday after Trinity)

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