Monday, July 4, 2011

happy birthday

today's Gospel Matthew 9.18-26

Four years ago today my youngest son, MW, slid into this world in a birth-pool in Youghal. My next youngest, JS, who was supposed to be upstairs with his brothers watching a dvd, stood in the doorway, fascinated to witness this everyday miracle. Co-incidentally, he was four at the time. Right now he is upstairs with his older brother JJ arguing over who was the first of them to hold MW that day.

Watching children grow up is an amazing business. They go from being completely helpless to increasing independence. As I watched MW sleep last night I found it almost impossible to believe that the little red creature that I held in my arms four years ago was this same small person who so proudly goes to the loo all by himself, gets himself dressed, & helps lay the table for dinner.

Later on today we'll have the party (in Youghal, because that is where MW chooses to have it!) & no doubt chaos will reign & perhaps a moment will come when my wife and I will look at each other and exchange a silent, despairing glance which roughly translates into 'why are we doing this?' But the answer is upstairs now, in the quiet giggling, voices talking about birthdays and days they were born. It may be the only quiet moment of the day. Please don't blame me if I choose to savour it!

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