Saturday, July 30, 2011

John Stott

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John Stott passed away this week. I can't claim to know a whole lot about the man (here's a link to a tribute from those more expert). But he was certainly a 'giant' in his field. Even someone who is fairly catholic like me found it impossible not to have a number of his books on my shelves. Despite being called evangelical, I always thought he defied simplistic pigeon-holing. In his writings I always found him to be balanced and fair - he was quite happy to give credit to the other side of an argument where he felt it was due.

Despite his many talents & deep scholarship he never achieved high honours - that is if we are to consider a bishopric a high honour. My understanding is that he had offers, but declined them as he thought they would interfere with the calling that he had from God. Nevertheless, his worldwide influence was so great & over such an extended period of time that there are probably few bishops one can point to who had a greater impact on Anglicanism (& the faith development of many outside that circle). He may well be the best Archbishop of Canterbury that the Church of England, & indeed the Anglican Communion, never had.

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