Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the kingdom of God is near

today's readings for Holy Communion

12 brothers in one reading, 12 apostles in another. In the the story of Joseph, in Genesis, food is shared in time of need & forgiveness is given for wrongs done. In Matthew, Jesus tells the apostles to go out to the people and tell them that the kingdom of God has come near. Hard not to believe that what Jesus is proclaiming in the Gospel is what we have an example of in Genesis so long ago. And hard not to believe that if only we could bring ourselves to share with those in need & to forgive wrongs, real or imagined, that the kingdom of God would be near us today. We like to point the finger in all directions when it comes to what is wrong with the world. The truth is a start can be made by each of us. The kingdom can be brought in a little at a time, if we play our part.

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