Thursday, July 14, 2011

my burden is light

Today's Gospel: Matthew 11.28-30

When Jesus speaks in today's Gospel about the weary & heavy-laden coming to him for rest and taking on his yoke, one might well wonder how does taking on this burden reduce the one that you are already carrying. But in the Greek, the word that Jesus uses for 'yoke' is like a balancing beam or scales: it is intended for two. Jesus' yoke is easy becuase it is to be pulled by two. Taking on this yoke gives us rest because it is not a burden we take on, but rather an acceptance of Christ's offer to share our burdens. 'I know life is hard,' he is saying, 'but look - I will stand along side you, I will walk with you, and I will help you.' His offer of help still stands today. And it is something that people need today as much as they ever did.

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