Sunday, July 24, 2011

on inspiration

It's been a busy weekend. Not only the normal three services & all that entails, but we also had a death in the parish & so there has been the funeral to organise. We had the removal this evening & as we were singing the last hymn, in the middle of the second last verse, it occurred to me that this prayer from the BCP might be a good one to read:

O almighty God, whose way is in the sea and whose paths are in the great waters: Be present, we beseech thee, with all seafarers in the manifold dangers of the deep; protect them from all perils, prosper them in their course, and bring them in safety to the haven where they would be, with a grateful sense of thy mercies; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The man had had an interest in the sea all his life, beginning with the boys brigade, and so the family found it very appropriate. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is a wonderful help in such things! But reading it then, and now, it strikes me as a wonderful prayer to help guide us through the journey of life.  We all need the presence of God when we face the daily dangers of this world. And we all have the hope of coming to God's safe haven at the end of our days.

So even though right now I'm tired & pretty worn out, I thank God for little moments like that. For the sudden thoughts and gifts that lift our spirits, that show us that inspirations isn't just for great matters but also quiet moments ... & also remind us of the love that God has for us.

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