Sunday, July 3, 2011


Today's Gospel

As today is the feast of St Thomas I, perhaps not surprisingly, preached about him today. I've never liked the sobriquet 'Doubting Thomas' - we don't, after all, call St Peter 'Denying Peter' or St Paul 'Persecuting Paul' - and I went through Thomas' story ... what we know of his life from scripture and tradition, or what we may reasonably extrapolate from what we know, to show how his life was so much more than just one incident. His life shows him to have been a man of not inconsiderable bravery and faith. So if he questioned? It is not as if the other disciples, hiding in the room when Jesus' first came to visit them, had believed the women when they told them he was risen. They had to see with their own eyes as well! Thomas questioned, and having questioned, moved on in faith.

Over coffee after the service someone came up to me. -Are we not to accept like little children? he asked. -Indeed, I replied, but when was the last time you told a child something and didn't receive a thousand questions in reply.

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