Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the seal of the confessional 2

I was up early this morning baking bread for the Frugal Lunch we're having in the curacy house in aid of famine relief in East Africa. Around 8.15 I got a text. 'Congrats on making the airwaves!' What on earth could that mean? Then I had a dreadful thought - what if some local radio station had got hold of one of the fliers for the lunch that we'd passed out in the local area & were 'helping out' with some free publicity ... given the size of the house we have room for quite small numbers ... if it was on the radio we might get more people than we could cope with!

So I called the texter back. 'No, no,' they said 'the morning show on RTE had read out your letter in the paper, in their 'what it says in the papers' slot.'

That was great, but what letter? I do write to the Irish Times & they do occassionaly publish what I send them, but I hadn't sent anything in for a while. But I got straight online & sure enough there was a letter with my name on it. I'd sent it in a couple of weeks ago nearly, in response to a reply to a previous letter of mine. They had edited out my reference to the other person's letter (for timliness sake I imagine) & then used the most of what I wrote.

What a surprise - who knew the Times saved lettters up for when they had space? It's funny though, coming so close on what I posted yesterday, that the letter should be about the seal of the confessional.

However, I'll have to leave this for now ... still baking bread ... running back and forth between loaves to pick out a couple of lines at a time here. I suppose I should be pleased what I wrote was deemed worthy of two organs of the national media, but right now the Frugal Lunch seems more important.

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