Thursday, July 21, 2011

Simple pleasures

I was woken this morning by shouts of 'Santa has come & he's left presents for all of us!' No, I hadn't fallen into a time warp! My youngest, who was four a couple of weeks ago, had gone down stairs early to discover an unexpected surprise in front of the fireplace. His Godmother, who had missed his birthday party, had dropped off his presents last night (plural because she is just way too generous!). When his mother explained what they were he looked at her seriously and asked 'so, am I four again today?'

So then came the unwrapping and the whoops of delight to discover a cowboy suit, water pistols, books, a DVD and -roll of drums - a trike! In a box, waiting to be assembled! Well, big brothers declared they would assemble it for him. Five minutes later they were all outside fighting a water war and dad was grumbling and sorting through the chaos of packaging looking for the pieces that were now scattered to the four corners of the room. Next came the search for the tools which big boys had borrowed and not returned.

There followed the ceremonial presentation to the tiny cowboy of his three wheeled steed. This was quickly followed by the giggling first ride round the garden. Followed by the predictable abandonment of the steed to further engage in water war.

There's a lot of terrible things going on in the world. But today I'm thanking God for simple pleasures and small blessings. And I pray that you will find them in your life also.

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