Saturday, July 23, 2011


The situation in Somalia is one that makes it difficult to know what to do. Bad enough that there is a drought; bad enough that the world is only know really waking up to the problems there; but to make matters worse, the 'warlords' who control the worst affected regions won't let aid agencies in. 

It seems to beggar belief that those in charge won't let food in. They are afraid, apparently, that those offering help have another agenda besides assisting the starving. One can only presume that those making these decisions are not going hungry themselves or watching their own families weep with hunger.

What can we do when something like this happens? Military force, of which I am not an advocate, doesn't work. If I remember my history, it was tried in this region before with disastrous results. I wonder what would happen if we were to offer the people of Somalia a safe haven to come to for food, could that work? Where could they go to anyway? Would any country be brave enough to invite them in, or would the fear that they'd end up with millions of refugees as permanent residents prevent them? Would the warlords let them travel? No doubt the same fear of an hidden agenda would be just as compelling for them in this scenario. Would the starving people be strong enough to travel? Would they even want to leave their homes?

I have no ideas. If you have an innovative solution please share. In the meantime all we can do is to continue to try support the aid agencies in their difficult and frustrating and dangerous work. And, of course, pray.

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