Saturday, August 20, 2011

anything for a drink

It seems some people will do anything for a drink. The Irish Times has a report on how common it is for young Irish people heading off to the US - mostly on a J1 visa for the summer - to alter their details on their passports so that they appear to meet the age limit for drinking in the US. They do this in the full knowledge that it is a crime. They might end up in gaol. They might be refused entry in the future. They do it anyway. Why? So they can have a drink. The idea of 2 or 3 months without alcohol is just too much for them.

And these are college students - our brightest and best. It says a lot about our relationship with alcohol. And what it is saying isn't good.

I understand that the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association has been suffering a bit of a decline. Maybe it'd be no harm for some young Irish folk to take the pledge before they got on the plane for America - temporarily of course. Come to think of it, maybe it'd be no harm if a few more people were to take the pledge in this country - permanently.

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