Tuesday, August 2, 2011

David Norris 2

(note: I'm off on a bit of a holiday, so posting will be sporadic - mainly only if I get to a library computer - for the next couple of weeks!)

Enda Kenny was incandescent a couple of weeks ago over what he regarded as interference by the Vatican in the affairs of our sovereign nation & he lambasted Rome unmercifully in the Dail as a result. He must be ready to explode over a recent similar incident from another source. It appears a blogger with a grudge is attempting to interfere in our democratic process, if Fintan O'Toole's account is correct. Not content with the havoc he has already wrecked, I understand from radio reports this morning that the disgruntled blogger is threatening more revelations if David Norris does not end his presidential campaign.

What an outrageous assault this is on the sovereign nation of the Republic of Ireland. Bad enough to have other sovereign nations even giving the impression that they might be interfering - but to have a mere blogger all but holding a gun to the head of one of our presidential hopefuls and demanding he withdraw beggars belief. All I can say is thank goodness that we have a head of government who has made it clear to the world that he will not stand idly by when this sort of outside interference is attempted. I can hardly wait for Mr Kenny's staunch defence of our sovereignty in the Dail concerning this matter.

UPDATE: David Norris withdrew from the campaign today. Now more than ever we need our leaders to speak out against these external attacks on our democratic system!

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