Thursday, August 25, 2011

on the trafficking of women

Around a thousand women are available in Ireland at any time for the sex trade. A large proportion of these women have been trafficked, according to Ruhama, the organisation dedicated to 'supporting women affected by prostitution and human trafficking.'

I know there are those who argue that consensual sex between two adults for cash is nobody's business but their own. I don't agree, but leaving that one aside for the moment, a women who has been trafficked has not consented to anything. She has been kidnapped, enslaved, transported, tortured, and raped. Any man who has sex with her does not have her consent. He has bought the consent of the men who control her. It is rape. Even if she seems to comply, it is only so that she will not be further tortured by the men who think they own her. It is rape.

If we do the math, the picture is hideous. Presuming several dozen men for every woman in the trade, that gives tens of thousands of men using these women. That's equates to thousands of rapes taking place in this country every week. That does not paint a picture of Ireland of which we can be proud.

It has to stop.

This is going on everywhere in Ireland. In big cities & small towns; in housing estates and apartment buildings. It thrives on people keeping their eyes closed and minding their own business. So keep your eyes open. And stop minding your own business. Evil thrives when the good do nothing. If you see men coming and going for no obvious reason to a house or flat near you, let the guards/police know. So what if you're wrong? No harm has been done. And there's a chance you may do some good.

Keep your eyes open. Make the call. This is rape. And it has to stop.

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