Monday, September 19, 2011


I sometimes think about the boys who pricked me with pencils or compasses when I was in primary school; the teachers who clipped me across the ear; the British army recruiter who threw me out of his office for being Irish; and a myriad other small and ancient injuries.

It surprises me how real and alive these hurts can be. How angry I can get at these ghosts and phantoms. Most of these people are either dead or so far removed from the person they were at the time that one can say that the person who injured me no longer exists.

But still letting go isn't easy, even though they were all so long ago, and how trivial they can seem. How much harder for those whose injuries are more recent and far more serious.

Jesus reminds us that we must. No one ever said being a Christian was easy. Jesus said it was like taking up a cross - taking up an all but unbearable burden. Jesus was able to forgive even as he was dying on his cross. We must try to forgive also and let go of the anger, old and new, if we are to be true to the one we follow.

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