Monday, September 26, 2011

do not worry

"Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry". St Padre Pio

We hear in the Gospel today that we should not worry.  It seems counter-intuitive advice in a world that is filled with so much to worry about - our economic woes, climate change, world hunger ... and then there are what might be called the ordinary worries of life: disease, old age, putting food on the table day by day ...

But do not worry does not mean that we shouldn't be mindful of such things. We still have to do what we can in this world. And it doesn't mean that such things won't affect us. It means that we put our trust in God. Ultimately, all will die. Just as the sparrow falls, so will we. But just as the sparrow's fall is seen, ours is also. And if we can know that, and still put our trust in God, still have faith in his love in mercy, then we will not worry.

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