Friday, September 30, 2011


Today's Gospel reading has three healing miracles. Which begs the question: why don't we have miracles of healing today?

Firstly, we do, but clearly not as many as in the time of Jesus. Which to my mind is hardly surprising, since we are not living in the time of Jesus. The second thing is: what is healing? Is it only to be defined narrowly, in some sort of clinical medical sense? For example, a dying person recovering inexplicably from a terminal illness? Or can it be seen more broadly? For example, a dying person coming to terms with their approaching mortality?

If we think of healing in the broader sense, then I've seen a lot of healing miracles. I have seen people achieve a sense of peace and calm in the face of their own imminent death. And this kind of healing isn't limited to dying. Life wounds us in all kinds of ways ... the lost job, the broken relationship ... and healing is available for all these wounds. 

Those who Jesus healed all faced illness and death again later in their lives. But I am sure they also faced it with a sense of peace and calm ... not because they thought Jesus or someone else was going to show up and make them better; but because their previous experience of healing let them know that there was a loving God and whatever happened them in this life, ultimately all would be well.

And that kind of healing remains available to us today. We can open ourselves up to Jesus' healing power in all the tribulations we face in life. And from that experience we also can know that all will be well.

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