Thursday, September 8, 2011

suicide awareness

There was a heart-rending article in the Irish Examiner this week about one young man's struggle with suicidal feelings. It was particularly sad that he felt he could not speak to anyone about his feelings. In my own pastoral work I often meet people who want nothing more than that another human being would really listen to them.

Not so long ago most knew if they had something they needed to talk about, something perhaps they didn't think they could bring to those closest to them, that they could turn to their local clergy. With church attendance in decline, it would be tragic if those who felt that they had nowhere to turn did not realise that this was an option that remains open to them.

Clergy are not professionals in this area. Possibly all we can do is listen. But we are willing to do that. And perhaps that can be the first step on the road for someone who needs help.

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