Saturday, October 22, 2011

by its fruit ...

In today's Gospel Jesus talks about judging a tree by its fruits. I'm not sure if this ties in, but I've recently suffered a couple of disappointments ... one major, one less so.

The minor one concerned a masters programme I was trying to sign up for. It seemed very good, reasonable in price, & do-able in terms of time commitment for a priest in parish ministry. Initially there seemed to be no difficulties with my application. Then the started to crop up. First the university was unwilling to accept my theology degree as meeting the entry requirements. But that wasn't a major obstacle; they would accept the masters degree I already had instead. But they needed a transcript sent directly from the awarding university, which was in the US. I sent off for it in good time, but as the deadline approached I heard nothing ... the deadline passed & still nothing ... they gave me a short extension ... and still nothing ... it was very frustrating.

While the clock was counting down, I remembered another masters programme that I had come across after I had signed up for this one. It had looked good & I sent off a query out of interest. They sent me loads of stuff, & even had a local rep phone me. They said they would have been very happy for me to apply, but understood that I had a previous commitment. The funny thing was, I was almost sorry I had applied for the first course: this one seemed better ... and the staff were very accommodating.

I got out the material they had sent me. The deadline for their course had passed also. I sent them a brief email: would they consider a late application? The rep said he would leave no stone unturned. A couple of days later I was accepted. So what was initially a disappointment turned into joy. The first course falling through led to something better.

So I'm trusting something similar will happen in regard to the major disappointment. That what seems now like something having gone wrong will in the fullness of time turn out to have been something right. That it wasn't so much a door closing, as a door opening in to another, better room.

In the meantime it is time for prayer & faith. Prayer to align myself to God's will in this matter, whatever that shall be. And faith that whatever that will is, all will be well. Because the tree of faith is one whose fruit I have tasted may times. And always it has been good. Amen. 

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