Sunday, October 9, 2011

Creation 2 of 3

Earlier this week it was the feast day of one of the most popular
saints of all time ... St Francis of Assisi ... he is so loved

for a great many reasons; he was a good and humble man; as a rich young man he gave up everything to follow Christ and to lead his life according to the Gospel; he was fiercely passionate in all he did & inspired countless others to follow in his way of life, not only during his own life-time, but during the centuries that followed; he was unfailing cheerful and good-humoured, especially when his life was at it's toughest ... in his own short life, he surfed greatly from illness and disease, particularly when at the end of his life he could hardly move, was blind, and in great pain; and yet he always had a smile on his lips; was unceasingly kind and generous to others; and made his life an endless prayer of thanks to God ...

But St Francis is particularly loved because of his love of nature ... he loved the birds and the animals, the flowers and the trees, the wind, the moon, the stars, and the sun! Which of course makes him a very appropriate saint in relation to our theme of creation!

The love that St Francis had for the world around him is echoed again and again in scripture ... in our psalm this morning, we are reminded how the world is full of the different creatures that God has created ... 'your creatures' the psalmist writes ... all life, like us are God's creatures ... and they like us depend on God for their existence ... they look to you for their food ... all life, like us, were created by God, and all life, like us, rely on him to sustain them ...

In the Genesis account of creation you will remember that as God creates the the plants, the animals, the fish, the birds, the insects, that he looks on what he has done and sees that it is good. He looks on he sun, the stars, the moon, the earth and the sky and sees that it is good. As he creates each part of the world, he says that it is good ... but it is not until he is done, until he looks upon the whole of his creation, that he says that it is very good ... we are together God's very good creation ... and what damages one part of it, damages it all ... to harm it, is to harm ourselves ...
(part 2 of 3 reflections on the theme of creation given as part of a live broadcast on RTE One television 9 Oct 2011)
UPDATE: here's a link to RTE's 'Service on Sunday' in which the above reflection originally aired. The link is good for 21 days from the original broadcast.

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