Monday, October 24, 2011


The story of Adam and Eve in Genesis suggests that in essence all people are conected by a common ancestry. Modern DNA testing proves it. And in today's Gospel reading Jesus says that this is how we are all called to live. We are all children of God. We are all called to do his will. In doing so we are all brothers & sisters in Christ.

To make such a radical re-declaration of what it means to be family was no light thing for Jesus to do. Family was important to the Jews of his time, who made up the crowd listening to him. Family obligations were complex, but the bottom line was that you looked after family. Jesus was just making a fuzzy, feel-good statement that 'we're all family now, boys & girls.' He was saying we're family and have obligations towards each other: we had to make sure their needs were met ... emotional, material - & of course spiritual.

We are all family, as children of God and by blood. And Jesus calls us to live as such. We have to look at the world around us and live as such. Amen.

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