Friday, October 21, 2011


Loyalty cards are all the rage. Every shop & cafe seems to have one. My wife was tidying out her wallet last night & held up the stack of them she has acquired ... it was literally over an inch thick! Dozens of every colour for all kinds of places and services.

Looking at them, I remarked to her that that many loyalty cards doesn't seem to demonstrate much loyalty!

But joking aside, it did make me think ... think about all the different things that compete for our loyalty ... politics, consumerism, secularism, sensuality, ambition ... not to mention faith! How many 'ways' can we follow before it becomes apparent that we are not really following any of them, that we are true to nothing?

So think about this. Think about picking one way & letting everything else flow in your life from that. Let it guide how you live in every area of your life. Don't pick at random. Pick according to what you judge is the way that wants what is best for you and for all people. Not the way that only cares for your vote; not the way that favours the rich over the poor, the strong over the weak; not the way that is without substance, that gives you nothing that can last.

Yeah, yeah - I know; I am being as subtle as a brick ... but sometimes I think we can over do subtlety ... we're almost at the point where we all want to be so politically correct that we are afraid to say anything. Well, I am a priest ... and if I won't say that faith in Christ is what gives true meaning to life, then I should think about doing something else! A bit of blunt talk is needed at times. I mean, look at today's Gospel: Jesus wasn't afraid of putting things bluntly now and again. The Pharisees suggest that Jesus casts out demons by the power of the ruler of demons. But Jesus all but snorts with laughter and says this is nonsense - this would be Satan fighting against himself, which would bring about his ultimate downfall. 

So I am offering you another loyalty card. It is a cross. It is yours and you are invited to pick it up and follow Jesus. I have no doubt it will give you a few splinters and blisters. But it also brings great rewards. It allows you to lead the life you were created to lead. And it offers the biggest reward of all: eternal life. Amen.

(icon: exaltation of the Holy Cross)

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