Friday, October 7, 2011

open your eyes

In our reading today, Jesus heals two blind men. And as remarkable as that is, what really catches my attention is what he says before he does it. He asks them if they believe he can do it. They say 'yes Lord.' and  Jesus says 'According to your faith may it be done to you.'

What is the connection in the Gospels between faith and being healed by Jesus? Why should Jesus healing someone be connected to their faith?

Remembering that miracles are parables in action, I wonder does it point to the idea that if we are to have a relationship with Jesus, it requires a response on our part ... that he is willing to give to us of himself, but not against our will. An openness to the relationship he offers is required.

For the two men in the passage some effort was required. They had to follow Jesus, first down the road, and then into the house. Images of seeking, journey, followed by an entering into an intimate space where the naked appeal is made: 'have mercy on us, Son of David.' Perhaps that is part of what these verses are telling us. That seeking and journey is required; that a humble appeal for mercy is needed - an appeal made prayerfully and with faith. And that what follows will indeed open our eyes to what it is that Jesus offers.

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