Thursday, October 6, 2011

the source of life

In today's reading we get St Matthew's version of the little girl being brought back to life 'sandwhiching' the story of the woman healed of a flow of blood. In St Mark's account we hear that the woman has suffered for 12 years and that the little girl is 12 years old, further inter-twining the story of the two recipients of Jesus power. In Jewish society of the time, a woman was ritually unclean when menstrual blood was flowing. So this woman had been ritually unclean for 12 years. She was effectively socially dead, excluded from normal human contact, excluded from the religious practices of her people. She is socially dead. And being debarred from religious practices, she must have felt spiritually dead also. She is shunned by people and feels excluded from God. Through this healing she has been metaphorically reborn to life. And the young girl is literally reborn.

Both are given new life through the healing powers of Jesus. He is, as St John tells us, the 'Way, the Truth, and the Life.' He is the source of all life: literal, metaphorical, spiritual.'

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