Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today's Gospel reading shows the importance of persistence in prayer. Persist no matter how bleak the situation seems, when others stand in your way, when even God himself seems deaf to your pleas. For all prayers are answered.

Sadly, the answer isn't always the one we hope for. The outcome to a particular situation is not as we would have wished; the illness is not cured; the loved one dies.

That, I think, is when persistence is needed more than ever. Pray for the peace which God gives. Pray that you will know his love in all situations. Pray that you will live in the hope that the Lord Jesus promised to all. The Word was made flesh to save the world, but also so that we would know that whatever we suffer in this life, Jesus suffered and suffers with us. Therefore, persevere in prayer, because you are not alone;  the one to whom you pray stands beside you in your pain and bears it with you. Amen.

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