Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cold Comfort


There is a report out that states that over half the elderly in Ireland go without food or other necessities in order to pay for heat. Our Minister for Energy doesn't like the sound of that. So how does he deal with the problem? He denies that it exists. This from a Labour politician, a member of a party that is supposed to stand for justice and equality. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised. After all, he is a member of a government that, as shown in the latest budget, that believes in protecting the rich from their mistakes at the expense of the poor and vulnerable.

Some years ago, when I worked in a university, I did a little research in an area called Political Marketing. My studies led me to believe that smaller parties inevitably decline after going into government with larger ones. Look at what happened to the Green Party. Remember the Progressive Democrats? And who among us has anything but the vaguest memories of Democratic Left?

So perhaps the Labour Party will get its comeuppance at the next election. However, that's cold comfort for the elderly now going without food so they can afford to heat their homes.

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