Saturday, December 24, 2011

cold turkey

A new report from Duke university indicates that we have underestimated the intelligence of our avian friends ... so much so that to describe someone as 'bird brained' may no longer be quite the insult it used to be. As a near-vegan with Franciscan leanings (don't ask!) I am delighted this news is coming out just before Christmas ... a time when untold millions of birds are slaughtered.

Those of you who will be tucking into some dead bird as part of their seasonal festivities may wish to reflect upon the fact that not only was this a creature that knew pain and suffering before it died ... but that it may also have been a lot smarter than you thought ... that it might have known exactly what was going on ... and desperately did not want to die ... and also that it is perfectly possible to be healthy and well nourished without any living creature having to die.

Too late for most of this year's turkeys ... but something to think about for the year ahead.

In any event, Merry Christmas!

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