Friday, December 9, 2011

Jesus and John

I've always rather loved today's Gospel reading because of the way it shows up a certain kind of critic for what they are. In the passage Jesus points out that people were critical of John the Baptist for being an ascetic and yet the same people criticise him for not being one. Basically it underscores people's ability to find fault when they wish to ... even if the fault they find today is in direct contradiction of the fault they found yesterday or will most certainly find tomorrow! Think of that when next you hear someone complaining about the Church or Christianity or religion in general. Is what they are saying valid or is it rooted in the speaker's own biases and prejudices?  It is hard to imagine any two people less deserving of criticism and yet not only did Jesus and John have critics but the criticism was the prelude to their judicial murder. Something to keep in mind when next you hear others voicing complaints against those you know in your heart to be Godly people.

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