Saturday, December 17, 2011

a little luxury

My wife and I spent last night at the Fota Island Resort. It was a bit extravagant, but she had gotten a 'deal' on one of those online voucher sites. A night in the hotel, a bottle of wine waiting in the very spacious room when we arrived, free passes to the luxury spa, and a very nice breakfast.

She had bought the voucher a while back, in anticipation of celebrating some good news, which in the event never came. However, having had some other good news to celebrate which we received earlier this week (I am to be rector of a parish sometime in the New Year), we decided to use it before it expired (its use-before-date was rapidly approaching).

I'm uncomfortable with luxury. It is the kind of thing I could never buy. But once bought, it would kill me to see it wasted. And I have to confess, I really enjoyed the night. It helped that it was the first night in years where sleep was not interrupted by a small child or two visiting us in the middle of the night. We emerged from our stay relaxed and refreshed, which makes it worth it. Not the kind of thing we could or would do often. But worth it as a very occasional treat.

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