Wednesday, December 14, 2011

proptery tax

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It's hard to know which is worse in the debate over the new property tax: that the government is bringing in yet another tax that is in no way based on ability to pay; or that other elected officials are cheering people on to break the law.

What's really cruel about this is that there are people out there who paid fortunes in property tax up-front by way of stamp duty which is not going to be recognised for the purposes of this tax.

If the government keeps going on this way, they are going to get a no vote on the Euro zone referendum (which will be needed, whatever the spin doctors are saying now) ... which might mean we'd be kicked out of the Euro ... which would mean there was no need to pay the the bond holders so we could 'burn' them if we wanted ... which would eliminate the need for all the austerity budgets ... hmm ... I wonder if the government knows what it's doing after all?

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