Thursday, December 8, 2011

what would John think?

John the Baptist (or John the Forerunner) is, naturally, a prominent figure in our readings in Advent. I wonder what he would make of the economic chaos the world is facing? He cared nothing for material things for himself. Yet he thought those in authority, in his time soldiers & tax-publicans should not to take advantage of their position to the disadvantage of others. And he thought common morality applied as much to kings as anyone ... and was not afraid to tell them so to their face. And when he was in prison for his uncompromising faith and preaching his main concern was the his ministry, the Messiah, & God's will.

Somehow, I think he would not be too impressed with how any of us are facing the problems of today. And that he would point us towards the one that his own life pointed toward ... and tell us to try to concern ourselves with the things that really matter.

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