Sunday, January 22, 2012

Follow me

May my words be in the Name of the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit – Amen.

this is the week of prayer for Christian unity … what message for that in our Gospel reading? Jesus says 'follow me' … is that indicative of one Christ, one church … he leads we follow? Perhaps three different interpretations of the story … each with a different emphasis … each indicative of a different way of doing church …

3 models: authoritarian; thoughtful/rational, spiritual/experiential

authoritarian - Mark's account of the calling of the disciples Jesus, full of Holy spirit after baptism, clarity of thought after temptations, arrives on the beach & orders fishermen to 'follow me' and that's what the disciples did … and that is what we must do, following their example …

thoughtful/rational - Luke's account of the calling of the disciples: Jesus, rejected at Nazareth went to Galilee of the pious fishermen, waiting to begin his mission; he preached in the synagogue, went to Peter's house where he cured his mother-in-law, later healed others, then went into his boat & preached from it, & caused the miraculous catch of fish before calling them to follow.
He had talked with them, worked with them; they knew him, trusted him; when the time came to say follow me, they knew who he was & what he was doing … their decision was a calm & rational one based on what they knew about Jesus

spiritual/experiential - John's account of the calling of the disciples; all four at Jordan; part of the highly-charged group surrounding the charismatic figure of John the Baptist; perhaps saw Jesus' baptism, certainly heard testimony of J the B about Jesus, saw Jesus' effect on Nathanael; travelled with him to Cana & saw first sign … followed him based on their direct spiritual experiences …

3 models – right or wrong? Don't we need all 3? Authority because we can't reinvent the wheel every day? Rationality because that's part of what it is to be made in God's image? Spirituality because that is the starting point of all faith, our own direct experience of God?

And if we need all three models, then perhaps we need all the different ways of doing church … so that we can learn from each other … and so that together we can be the one church that Christ established … and together follow his request that we follow him … amen

Sermon notes for 22 Jan 2012   - Epiphany 3;week of prayer for Christian Unity


  1. Dear man of God , Holy Greetings to you in The Most Holy Name of The Lord Jesus Christ.

    I have Read your Writings ,they are wonderful.

    I am a Pastor From India.

    If it is God's will, Please pray for me and for our ministries.

    I and we pray for you.

    In Christ Alone

  2. Dear CSI,
    thank you for your kind words. Every blessing on you, your ministry, and the members of your flock.

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    Dear holy man of God, If it is God's will and if it is your will, Please send me an E.mail so that I can tell you about Our Ministries In India.

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  4. Dear CSI,
    does your ministry have a website that I might look at while I pray concerning your request?

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    Dear man of God, I am so thankful to you for your Precious Reply .

    Dear man of God, By The Grace of God , We have a Website for our Ministries. You can see

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