Friday, February 10, 2012

Linda Carty

A friend sent me an email asking me to sign an online petition seeking a reprieve from the death penalty of a woman on death row in Texas. I had never heard of Linda Carty before, so I googled her and found out a little from the font of all knowledge that is Wikipedia.

A brief recap of what she was convicted of. Carty persuaded several others to help her kidnap a newborn baby so she could pass it off as her own. The baby's mother, Joana Rodriguez, was killed in a particularly brutal fashion. She had a plastic bag taped over her head, was stuffed in the trunk of a car, and left to suffocate to death. Carty's accomplices testified against her in return for life sentences.

Some of her supporters believe that she is innocent. Looking at the evidence produced in court, I would have to disagree. However, anyone who did what she was convicted of is clearly deeply disturbed. Her defenders also argue that her defence team didn't do enough at trial. Ironically, I think their hands were tied by her insistence of innocence in spite of what seems, on the face of it, overwhelming evidence against her. Her best hope was surely to plead guilty and throw herself on the mercy of the court. But it appears she refused to co-operate with her defence team.

So, based on what I read I think she received a fair trial & is guilty of the crime of which she was convicted. However, I not agree with the death penalty, so I signed the petition.  If you wish to do likewise, you will find it here. Even if you favour the death penalty you might agree that her tenuous grip on reality warrants she be shown clemency. If you do, please sign the petition.

Whatever you decide, please say a prayer for Joana Rodriguez, her motherless child, and her bereaved husband. And, if you can, say one for Linda Carty also.


  1. Respected Fr.Levi, Holy Greetings to you in The Loving Name of Jesus Our Lord.

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    In Him

  2. Dear CSI - as always your words are very kind. while a visit to India seems unlikely in the near future, shoud my journey take me there I will do my best to make contact with you. Blessings, Levi+