Thursday, June 21, 2012

God bless mothers

Cherie Blair does not like stay at home mothers. Apparently in her worldview women don't have a choice about whether they should stay home and look after their children. Funny that. I would have thought it was part of the new world order to give women more choices. I guess that only applies if they make what she considers the right choice. But to chose be a stay at home mom - wrong answer!

Way to go empowering women & supporting them in their choices, Mrs Blair ... not to mention standing up for the dignity of full-time mothers ...

No consideration seems to given to the fact that some women make real sacrifices so that they can stay home with their children. Because they love them & think the best person in the world to look after them is their own parent. They had a choice and this is what they chose.

Interesting aside: you don't hear stay at home mothers griping about those with high-flying careers ... so what drives a career women like Mrs Blair to point the finger? Surely it can't be that she's not entirely comfortable with her choice & this leads her to demand that everyone else conform to her  behaviour so that they can feel better about hers? But perhaps it is because the summer solstice is  here & we still don't have much by way of a summer & that's sending her a bit off-kilter? Maybe not ... I'm sure she can afford a good holiday abroad whenever she wants ...

But maybe it's that she doesn't realise what hard work it is being a full-time parent? I did the stay at home dad bit for about a year when the two eldest boys were little ... and it nearly killed me! Your work day starts when your feet hits the floor & it doesn't end until your eyes close in exhausted sleep at the end of the day ... except that it doesn't end then really 'cause little ones are always waking up in the night! So God bless stay at home mothers - speaking as someone who has had quite a few different careers I have to say it's one of the hardest jobs going.

Of course, Mrs Blair is a London QC whose career was probably done no harm at all by being married to the PM. That's not a universal situation. A lot of women I know struggle to earn enough to pay the child minder ... and they make the practical decision that not only would they prefer to stay home, but it makes economic sense that they do so. But perhaps in Mrs Blair's mind the dignity of women is better served working a low paid job that hardly covers the expenses it incurs than the indignity of looking after their own children? 

Maybe to her it's all going out and choosing to be a QC like her or a super-model like Kate Upton or something. But you know, even if those kinds of choices were available to them, a lot of women are going to stay home with their kids. Because their children are precious God given gifts, they love them, they are only little for a short time, & they don't want to miss a moment. And they know that they are doing something really valuable for society ... more valuable that something that any QC can do ... they are raising the next generation. 

What a good choice.

Here's one for mothers everywhere ... because, really, nothing does compare to you!

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  1. These comments / cartoons are genius. Ha ha!

    Sad state of affairs when the "feminists" double-back and undermine everything the original feminists stood for.


  2. Thanks Gina ... re. the cartoons, it's amazing what one can do with 'paint' and a little imagination!

  3. Oh man - right on, Father! Right on! Ha ha ha

  4. By the way, Gina, I'm getting braver with my artistic endeavours ... tomorrow's effort is in colour! Please let me know what you think!