Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Obamatax gambit

I have to say I'm still puzzling over how a health care law got through the US Supreme Court as a tax. I suppose that's why so many are now calling this Obamatax instead of Obamacare. 

Strange law? Or a Supreme Court that would rather 'kick for touch' as the saying goes on this side of the pond? Which is another way of saying that they have been criticized too often in the past for being un-elected lawmakers and decided to let this hot potato burn somebody else's fingers. 

I don't know. As I said before, this is only the beginning. So we'll know more when the Supreme Court meets again for the next round of legal arguments over First amendment issues relating to how this other parts of this law, not addressed by this judgement, might infringe on religious liberty. And of course the November elections will pass a judgement all of their own. People hate new taxes. And this is a particularly strange new tax.

In the meantime, you all seem to be enjoying the cartoons if the recent spike in my stats is anything to go by. Thank you all very much for that. It's nice to know they are appreciated. I'm really enjoying doing them and I intend to keep them up as long as they help put a smile on your face. If I could ask a favour in return? Do please use the share options below to help get more people stopping by for a look see ... it would really help motivate me to come up with more of them if the 'hits' keep growing in leaps and bounds the way they have done in the last week or so! In fact, why not become a follower of this site ... every little helps! 

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God bless you all.

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