Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Science: it's a girl thing

Pity the poor brainiacs who came up with the Science: it's a girl thing video. Without a trace of irony they decided the best way to tempt young women into a challenging career in science by ... drum-roll please ... portraying female scientists parading around in lippy and high-heels showing as much leg as a runway model! Come on, girls - science really is as much fun as putting on makeup. And look - the gorgeous 'real scientist' man thinks they're hot ... play your cards right and you could get yourself a man out of this! The only thing they left out was to show them out clubbing, dancing with tattooed boy band members as they sank alco-pops!

It's hard to say who is worse: the people who made this ... or the people who paid them to make it. Is it really beyond them to think that the last thing young women need yet more suggestions that if they want to get ahead in the world they need to be pretty and wear a short skirt? And that smart young women might be interested in a career in science more if they thought it was a field where they'd be respected for their brains and talent rather than their dress sense and being 'eye candy' for the 'men' who'd be doing the 'real work' in the lab?


Any suggestions yourself as to how they might have done better?

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  1. I have no words. Well, other than

    What the...?

  2. thanks Gina ... and thanks for stopping your comment where you did!