Thursday, June 21, 2012

The summer solstice

Just a thought for all those 'conspiracy theorists' who like to say the Church high-jacked all our important festivals from the pagan world ... you know what I mean ... Easter was the Spring Equinox ... and Christmas used to be Saturnalia, or Sol Invictus, or the Winter Solstice or, ah, something ... don't try to confuse us! You know we're right!

So what about the Summer Solstice? That was a pretty big pagan festival, right? Where's the Christian festival that was brought in to take that one over? Was it just forgotten about? Or maybe with the rotten summers in Europe they decided to leave it out ... why draw attention to it! Or is the idea itself just a teeny bit faulty?

As I said, just a thought!

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  1. Feels more like March or April here than the summer solstice!

  2. Feux de St. Jean all over France. 24th June, St. John Baptist's Day is marked by midsummer fires in France, and possibly other European countries too. Many years ago I enjoyed the "Cremation des Trois Sapins" in Thann, a variation on the theme. It will take place on 30th June this year.

  3. @IOL: I feel you pain brother!

    @Paul: Indeed; and we have bonfire night in Ireland at this time; but I was thinking more of events that are part of the calender of the universal Church rather than local celebrations ... but no disrespect intended to France or elsewhere! The post is intended to be a bit tongue in cheek ...