Saturday, June 23, 2012

Who else wants openness in our media?

For years the Irish & UK media condemned the US military's policy of 'don't ask, don't tell.' Now they seem to adopting the same approach about two new reports relevant to the debate on same sex marriage. 

The topic of both reports in the peer reviewed journal Social Science Research  is on the effect on children of being raised by those in same sex relationships. They were released two weeks ago. The New York Times carried a piece about them the next day. But so far nothing in the Irish Times or the Guardian, or anywhere else in the media as far as my Google assisted research can make out. 

What is this nonsense? New York Times readers are mature enough to handle this kind of material, but we're not on this side of the pond? I thought this kind of paternalism went out of style decades ago. 

I've put links to the studies below. Read them or not if you chose. But at least it is your choice. 

To give a thumbnail sketch of them:
one is by Mark Regnerus & says, despite all studies to contrary, there is a significant negative impact on children in such households; the second is by Loren Marks and says the methodology of all the previous studies on this topic are fatally flawed and can not be relied upon. 

I can't comment on how good bad or indifferent these studies are. My first thought is that it is a big ask to get people to swallow the idea that these studies are right and all that went before are wrong. But then I remember that our media didn't trust us to come to that conclusion or any other. And I'm bloody annoyed. 

But maybe it's just me? Maybe nobody else thinks it is condescending for our media to ignore this kind of stuff on our behalf. So what do you think?

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