Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Christ Saving India Ministries 2

Some months back I did a short post on Christ Saving India Ministries. You can find that post here. It came about because I was contacted by CSIMin on this blog with some rather flattering comments about my posts. They wanted my email address to enter into private correspondence. I declined to do that, but thought it no harm to do a very short post, essentially pointing people to their website, stating that knew nothing much about them, & would appreciate it if anyone knew more they would pass that information on.

In the time since, I have learned nothing more about CSIMin ... but I have had several comments from people saying they had been approached on their blogs in a similar fashion to me; they had googled them, found my post, & wanted to know if I could say more. I could not & said so. 

Today I received what I consider a rather odd request from CSIMin. It is in the combox for the original post, but here it is in full: 

Respected Fr Levin, Greetings To You in Jesus Our Lord. I have Read All of Your Answers to The People who asked You about Our Ministries.

Can You Please Remove all of Our Ministry Details from Your Website, Please?

I Believe That Our Great God make The Good Ways for HIS People.

Please Remove all Of Our Details from Your Website.

Please Forgive me in Jesus Our Lord, I should not have asked Your Help for HIS Work in India.

Thank You

I went back over the post and comments to see if there was anything factually inaccurate. I do not think that there was. I therefore gave the following response:

Dear CSIMin,

first off it is 'Fr Levi' not 'Fr Levin.' 

I am not sure about the wisdom of removing your details from my blog. It has clearly served as a way for people who have been made uncomfortable about your method of approach to try and find out more about you & discuss matters with others you have approached in a similar fashion. 

I am however very glad that you have made contact with me again. I would very much like it if you could provide some details I could verify about your ministry. For example if you could give me the names & contact details (preferably email addresses) of some people who are unconnected with CSIMin who could vouch for the good work that you do - ministers from local churches, officials of local charitable organisations, people involved in the government of the region in which you operate. It would be important that they are independent of your organisation & that it is possible for me to verify they are who you say they are.  So far, all I can find out about you is your own website and facebook page. I can find no other reference to you anywhere & frankly I find that very odd. Anyone can download a few pictures and put them on a website. It does not mean they are who they say they are. 

I am sorry if this seems to be lacking in trust. You must understand that people in my position are frequently the target of people who are not who they claim to be. Hard experience has taught me to be cautious. If you can gain my trust by providing the information I ask for, I will publicize it & do my best to help you in your work. If you can not demonstrate that you are who you say you are and are doing the work that you claim to be doing, then I honestly do not think I would be doing the right thing by removing this post and the words of cautious advice that exist in the comments box.

I hope this is satisfactory to you. For the sake of convenience I have done another post on CSIMin about this issue & I will do another when you send me the details I have asked for (which I pray that you will). 

So let us see what develops. I hope & pray that this all turns out well and this man is who he says he is and is doing the work that he claims to be.

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