Monday, September 17, 2012

Slurry pits

It is time we did something about slurry pits. The dreadful farm accident in Antrim, where the Spence family lost three loved ones and nearly lost a fourth is not the first time something like this has happened. I speak from experience. About six years ago my uncle Willie-Joe died in a similar accident. He was out walking his dog near the North Cork town where he lived. He was alone, but what happened, as best it can be pieced together, is that the dog ran into a field off the road where he was walking that had one of these slurry pits in it. The dog got into a bit of trouble. Willie-Joe went to his aid. The dog made it out. Willie-Joe did not.

These pits are lethal. The fumes from them render a person unconscious in moments, leaving the helpless victim to drown in liquid animal excrement. How many more have to die before something is done to make them safe?

Please keep the Spence family in your prayers. And my uncle Willie-Joe. And all others that have suffered because of these dangerous, dangerous things.

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