Friday, September 28, 2012

The arctic ice caps are melting.

Colour me confused on the whole global warming thing. My having a degree in geography doesn't help much. It does help understand the science that is put out about it. But it doesn't help much in sorting the wheat from the tares of all the conflicting claims. On the one hand I've lived with these threats of doom all my life, all basically saying the world is going to end. And it hasn't. On the other hand the weather has definitely developed a mind of its own over the last number of years. And it seems beyond doubt that the arctic ice caps are melting, as this article points out. I'm a bit puzzled about how that's working out. The doom-sayers of my youth said the polar caps would melt; but they also said coasts would be flooded around the world & that doesn't seem to be happening ... where is all that water going? Maybe it's in the atmosphere & that's why we're so much extra rain in Ireland this year as the hydrological cycle goes into overdrive trying to cope? Anyway, the next big problem seems to be with the polar ice gone, the big white sheet reflecting loads of solar energy back into space is gone too. Which puts us in danger of the planet heating up even faster. May I make a suggestion? If a large white area is what's needed (one about 2% of the surface of the earth) then can't we make one? No, not a giant bed sheet! But maybe start using white roof tiles in all our cities and painting existing roofs white ... of course, maybe all the acid rain would wash it away, or all the dust and soot from pollution would blacken it all & make things worse? I dunno. What suggestions do you have? Think hard - remember, the future of our planet may depend on you! 

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