Thursday, September 27, 2012

too busy to pray?

A thought came to me as I was setting up for Morning Prayer this today in the parish hall next to the school. It is a new initiative that I began a couple of weeks ago. It is quite informal. Just a small table with a candle in the corner of the hall. 

I'm not getting many attending. Often I am alone. I don't mind. As I told the parish, I say Morning Prayer every day as part of my daily office. I'm happy to do it in a place where others can join me if they wish. It is about creating the opportunity for them to pray. And reminding them that the needs of the parish are being prayed for every day.

As I was setting up this morning I could hear the parents outside, rushing to drop the children off, then rushing off again to whatever was next on their agenda. Thinking, perhaps, that they were too busy to join me for a few minutes in the hall. And the thought flitted across my mind:

Saying you are too busy to pray everyday is like saying you are too busy to be a child of God.

Is that a quote from somewhere I wonder? I read so much that it is not impossible that it is a pearl of wisdom I came across elsewhere. And there is wisdom in it, wherever it came from. We do need to take time to pray everyday, speaking to God, thanking him, bringing our problems before him, and listening to what he has to say. 

I do not know, of course, that all those people rushing about so busily this morning do not pray everyday. I hope they do find the time somewhere in the day. That they make the time. Because no one should think they are too busy to pray. No one be too busy to take a few moments each day to remember that they a child of God.


  1. I've read this twice now and both times this quote has come to mind:

    “Everyone needs thirty minutes of personal prayer time each day, unless they are too busy to pray—in which case, they need an hour!" ~St. Francis de Sales


    And bless you for doing this in a public place. It's a good reminder, so even if folks don't stop and pray alongside you, many probably take the seed and say a prayer in their cars on the way to work.

    We never know the true reach of our actions... :)

  2. Thanks Gina - that is a brilliant quote ... I've come across it before & have always thought it truly profound.

    I should have mentioned in the post that there is a real benefit to me in publicly scheduling when & where I'll say my morning office ... it's too easy for me in the morning to get caught up in 'urgent' things around the parish or at my desk & say 'I'll say my prayers a little later' and before I know it the morning is gone! Doing it this way is a great help to me ... because despite the fact that some people are really holy, the truth is that we need prayer more than most, both the prayers we say and the prayers of others.

    Blessings Gina.